About Me

This is all made up


“This is all made up” is about putting your ideas into the world when you could easily have not. It is a personal mantra for improvement in quality and confidence in your ideas and, above all, having fun in the process.


About Me


"Oh! Look at this!"

A collection of me pointing at things


My name's Zach.

I majored in math, but I don't want to be on Wall Street.
I run marathons, but only halves of them (#HumbleBrag).
I make ads for TV, but I don’t even pay for cable (#millennial).

Every year my New Year’s resolution is the same one thing:

Make. More. Shit.

I love creating. I love performing. I love making people laugh. Thankfully, I get to do all that at my ad agency during the day, at theaters in the night and on my self-indulgent Instagram Stories whenever I’ve got time in between.

If you ever want to go Live with me sometime, let’s connect.


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