Sketches and More!

Sketches and More!

A collection of random thoughts I put into either words, visuals, or action.

LAST MINUTE Marathon Training!!

Training (to cheer) for the NYC Marathon. A salute to all the spectators standing around on that cold November morning.

Skills: Writing, Directing, Editing, Acting, “Running”

Shot on iPhone

Ferris Bueller Show Promo

To have a good show, you need a good crowd. And to get a good crowd, you need a good promo. I had a blast running around on this Day Off in prep for my improv show.

Skills: Writing, Directing, Filming, Editing, Nostalgia

The Whethermen Present: Scooby-Doo

Yeah, I was the kid in the college improv troupe. But hey, I got to dress up as a dog in my final hurrah before graduation. Here’s my all time favorite video from my time with The Whethermen at UVA.

Skills: Writing, Acting, Producing, Downward Dog

Get Detention

Who doesn’t love gratuitous John Hughes references? The Whethermen push the envelope to find out.

Skills: Writing, Acting, Producing, Volleyball

Short Film

My first foray into film with the Virginia Film Festival and the 72 hour Adrenaline Film Project.

Made more mistakes in that time than most people will in a year.

Skills: Casting, Writing, Directing, Editing, Not Sleeping

The Hunt for Tom Faulders

Reporter, Brennan Lee, puts UVA students to the test with this "on the street" spoof to honor the career of UVA great, Tom Faulders.

Skills: Filming, Editing, Steady Handing

Owl Card

A card I made solely based on this terrible pun.

This is how I teach myself Adobe CC.

Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Ornithology