Story so far

My story (so far)

1. Me

I am a Downstate New Yorker who dreams of being on the mainstage at Second City one day in his late twenties - here's to hoping I sustain in my 30s. I’m good at making people laugh, especially my mom. I am an improviser in trade and at heart. I believe that there are no mistakes in the creative process and I live life with a similar mantra. This easy-going and optimistic mentality makes me a people person who loves to collaborate and take any role in a group dynamic.

I am constantly curious and always exploring new interests. I have an affinity for travel and immersing myself in other cultures. “Risk averse” is not a characteristic I would attribute myself with. I love being outside, making movies, and eating breakfast foods.

2. Living

Around middle school, I would define my life as constantly changing. My parents just divorced and I was in and out of doctor’s appointments for a medical condition. It was in this period that I also moved into my dad’s first home after the divorce. I was forced to quickly deal and adapt to the change of something so stable for me: my childhood room. I was extremely unhappy as I constantly shuttle out of the room I loved so much.

At the time, it was a real inconvenience to me. Reflecting on this, however, I see that I put so much blame on my father for making me move. What I didn’t realize then was that I never appreciated how difficult this situation was from his perspective. Living there and dealing with the problems of a new home, an insect infestation, and the distance from my mom and friends frustrated me, but it was immature of me to direct those frustrations at my dad. Learning from this experience, I’ve grown to appreciate the actions others take whenever you are dealt a bad hand.

3. Brandcenter

Quite simply, the UVA Promotions class. I would not have discovered the creative advertising industry if not for this class. Once I was familiar with the work I would get into, I searched for second opinions and found them in a number of UVA alumni. Chris Colliton and Chris Lumain are two UVA and VCU alumni that were strong forces in encouraging me to apply to Brandcenter. After solidifying that I wanted to become a creative in the ad world, I knew I needed to go to a portfolio school and learned that Brandcenter could do that and more for me.

4. Failure

 In 2015 I entered a seventy two hour short film competition with two of my best friends. Over the three day period, I made more mistakes than most people might make in a year. As the director, I failed my friends by not putting my foot down and delaying production; I did not prepare nearly enough for what would be the most stressful all-nighters of my life; and I simply did not know what I needed to know to lead a production. Regardless of these follies, my friends supported me and we all pushed ourselves to create a product we were proud of. Since that experience, we have made numerous other videos each time becoming better and better.

5. Copywriting


Over the last 8 months I have been living and breathing all things advertising. I was a part of the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) which gave me hands on experience in all aspects of the advertising process. Putting words to the message we wanted to convey became my strength which inspired my application to the Copywriting track. With that interest piqued, I sought out advice from UVA alumni just about every week. I learned how creative teams work after receiving a brief, the importance of concision in this industry, and that good writers have to connect with people and culture.