Timberland PRO


As a copywriter in The Martin Agency's 10 Day Student Workshop, my team and I developed a social augmentation to Martin's current "Not Uncomfortable" campaign for Timberland PRO.


Life is full of uncomfortable moments. Especially on the job.

Timberland PRO work wear makes you "not uncomfortable" in those sticky situations.


Twitter - #NotUncomfortable

Your life is yours to lead. All we care about are steel toed boots and fire resistant shirts. How you want to use them is up to you. Now that you know where our priorities lie, you know that Timberland PRO can make you #NotUncomfortable.


YouTube - Uncomfortable Tutorials

Ask any working man about makeup tutorials and they won't know what you're talking about. Show any working man a makeup tutorial and they will be uncomfortable. We created a parody series that took the most cringe worthy aspects of this phenomenon and fused it with some of the manliest motifs we could think of.


Experiential - Work in Progress

Timberland PRO products range from heavy duty welding wear to athletic and everyday outfits. So we put them on display to showcase all the comfort they could offer. It just so happened to be in a glass cube pop up shop inside a live construction site.

No models, no intentionally chiseled jaws - just real workers flexing in their lightweight cargo pants...being stared at by hundreds of people.