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Ernest Hemingway:
Get your point across. Stop wasting. Start speaking. These are lessons I learned from Hemingway.

Robert M. Pirsig:
Articulating philosophies. That’s what I want to talk about in today’s application Chautauqua. There is a certain romantic Quality in using prose to convey a technically sound argument.

Dr. Seuss:
Dr. Seuss has taught me a ton.
Live life, make rhymes, and just have fun!
In writing, you should never be coy,
take things lightly and always enjoy.
And always remember, when a Lorax appears,
the greatest tool is imagination. Hold it dear.


It is not the presence, but the application that determines the quality of innovation. Farming, for example, is a technological innovation that has improved life for many. It can be argued, however, that farming has created a sedentary and gluttonous lifestyle for mankind. In terms of modern technology, I would tend to say that progress, in any sense, is good. I particularly point to the increase in connectivity, accessibility and speed in which goals are accomplished. With technology like the internet, human learning is immediate, cross-cultural, and available.  



“This morning Rex broke off his leash in the park…” The news blared through “Ted’s TVs” storefront window. Search choppers juddered on every block - crisis. “Breaking: Rex has been found making best friends with a baby. Well we all like happy endings, don’t we, Jane?”
Thank. God. 



“Goodnight, Sweet Prince.” That was the last thing I ever said to him. He was so peaceful laying on his back that night. Almost floating there in bed next to me. But once good moments end, bad begin. Heart attack. Overnight. I didn’t know fish had heart attacks.

3. Bad Ad


This is a cluttered ad with design flaws and superfluous text that detract from its message.


In the updated version, the color scheme plays into the Harry Potter joke more and the type faces are scaled down so they’re not as distracting. Further, I’ve consolidated the body text to make it an easier read. Washington’s cutest cat is still at the forefront, but now there aren’t too many distractions from appreciating the fine work of the Humane Rescue Alliance.

4. Supermarket

Remembering the underappreciated products in the grocery store.

5. 10 Ads

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